The Olympics and Paralympics in Action Project Global Exhibition 2022 for Solidarity & Well-Being in Beijing 2022

First launched under the theme of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, iEARN’s The Olympics & Paralympics in Action (TOPA) project held its third Global Exhibition (TGE 2022) on Zoom, on January 29, just before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. About 40 teachers and students participated from eight countries -- Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Japan, Morocco, Nepal, and Russia. Participants developed "cheering slogans" written in their respective national languages, and shared pronunciations and meanings in English to create a final collaborative product in the form of a multilingual “Cheering Slogan Collage.”

This was followed by student presentations supported by teachers. China took the lead with sixth grade students giving a presentation on Beijing 2022 and their country's Covid-19 counter-measures. Middle and high school students from other countries followed with their presentations on current life under Covid-19, winter sports, interest in Beijing 2022, and athletes, while weaving in quizzes that kept the audience involved.

From Japan, Toyo Gakuen University students of Children’s English Education Seminar, involved as JEARN (iEARN-Japan)Tokyo Youth, presented how they supported the project activities at two Japanese public schools. They also acted as MC for the middle and high school student presentations.

The participating schools (in order of presentation) were:

Shenzhen Yadi Primary School (China), The Second Experimental Primary School of Songyuan City (China), Sidi Haj Said High School (Morocco), Kavya School (Nepal), School 238 (Azerbaijan), Ostroshitsy School (Belarus), Kindergarten 13 of Vyborg (Russia), Eaton Primary School (Australia).

TOPA Project will continue to work towards 2024 Olympics & Paralympics in Paris, aiming for Well-being & Solidarity, as students learn about the spirit and values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games alongside the ideals of the Olympic Truce.

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