Participating Countries: Europe


Working with the Open Society Institute, iEARN created an iEARN project in Albania in 1996, involving 20 schools. The program is administered by educators.


iEARN-Armenia is coordinated out of the National Children's Library in Yerevan, with financial support from the Open Society Foundation. Several professional development workshops have been held for teachers from communities across the country.


iEARN Austria has a small number of participating schools, most of them in St. Poelten. iEARN Austria started a new project 5 years ago that has already been shared by hundreds of participants in more than 50 countries: “DON'T WASTE – CREATE”. See more on our website!


iEARN in Belarus is a non-profit organization with close ties to educational and youth institutions which involves approximately three hundred belarussian students annually in collaborative national and international project work.


Working with the Open Society Institute since 1995, iEARN established an iEARN-Bulgaria Center, with schools in Sofia, Rousse and other cities.


iEARN-France works with individual schools in France in various projects that give the opportunity to students to be in contact with students all around the world, in forums.


With assistance from the Open Society Institute, GEARN (Georgian Education and Resource Network, iEARN-Georgia) started project work with schools in 2000, and have since created a discussion forum in Georgian.


iEARN-Greece works with individual schools in Greece, primarily in the Athens area. Most teachers are in primary/elementary schools.


The iEARN Country Representative in Italy is from 2002 EgoCreaNet Association at LRE Florence University, and sponsors the Narnia project.


Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation, since 1995 iEARN has established an iEARN Center in Lithuania, involving 20 schools in Vilnius, Kaunas and other cities.


iEARN in Macedonia (IMOR “Interactivna mreza za obrazovanie i resursi”) is an independent NGO. On-line programs were created in 1998.


Teachers and students in Moldova started working on iEARN projects in 1999, in part through an iEARN project to provide professional development workshops which were financially supported by the U.S. State Department.


The iEARN -Netherlands Centre has been active since 1990. iEARN-Netherlands works closely with Ministry of Education and Kennisnet, national educational portal.


Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation since 1995, iEARN has established an iEARN Center in Warsaw, Poland, within the "Internet for Schools" initiative, involving hundreds of schools throughout the country


Working with the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), iEARN created iEARN-Romania in 1995, involving many schools in Dej, Calarasi, Eforie Sud and other cities.


Russia was one of the founding members of iEARN. Schools in Moscow and New York State first established educational links in 1988. Participating iEARN schools are in the Moscow area, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, as well as elsewhere in the country.


iEARN participants are located in several cities around the country.


Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation since 1995, iEARN has established an iEARN-Slovakia Center in Kosice, Slovakia.


The iEARN-Slovenia Center was established in 1996 by the Soros Foundation. The program is now supported by the Ministry of Education and Sport and by the Slovenian National Educational Institute.

iEARN-Spain (iEARN-Pangea)

iEARN in Spain has been active since 1989 and is based in Callús (Barcelona), Catalunya. iEARN-Pangea has worked to involve schools in the region and has created a telecommunications network called "Pangea" to promote values like solidarity and cooperation and others through the internet.


iEARN in Turkey is a teacher and student-driven network representing all provinces in Turkey. It originally evolved from work starting in 1990 after the Ministry of National Education launched "the Computer Assisted Education Project."


Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation, iEARN created an iEARN program in Ukraine in 1997, which is based in Kiev and Karkhov. Teacher trainings have been held for new schools throughout the country. Peace Corps volunteers are active in iEARN projects in a number of schools.


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