Participating Countries: Central & South America


iEARN-Argentina - Red TELAR has been active since 1989. Starting in Patagonia, iEARN-Argentina has worked with the Ministry of Education to expand iEARN to hundreds of schools across the country.


The iEARN Brasil Center has its office in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil. The center has been offering collaborative projects practice to many educators in Brasília and in São Paulo.


iEARN works with Enlaces, a national network of schools, which in turn works with the Ministry of Education to link schools in on-line project work.


In Colombia, iEARN works with a small number of schools in provincial towns.

iEARN-Costa Rica

iEARN has worked with the Omar Dengo Foundation and persons within the Ministry of Education to bring iEARN project work to schools in their country. Schools are located around the country.

iEARN-El Salvador

iEARN worked with the World Links Program to connect a network of state schools that work with projects on line. These schools have been part of projects that integrate ICT into the curriculum.


In Guatemala, iEARN is currently working with schools in the departments of Sacatepéquez and Chimaltenango. Several schools have participated in Spanish in the Teddy Bear project, adapted to adolescents, and have worked with schools in the USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Teachers and students are welcome to join and share about their culture.


iEARN-Mexico has a small team of educators and partners who are working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to implement, develop, and expand iEARN activities throughout the country.


iEARN works in Paraguay through approximately 40 schools from different parts of the country are working on both national and international projects.


iEARN-Peru works with schools from different parts of the country on both national and international projects.


Schools in Suriname have been involved in iEARN since 1998. They have shared this project work at several iEARN international conferences. Recently, iEARN-Suriname has undertaken Teacher Training workshops, in which the Ministry of Education has participated.


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