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Cultural Package Exchange

Schools from two different countries exchange a box full of cultural items such as cultural clothes, food and ornaments. 

The project will have schools matched according to age and country. Schools with the same students age and from two different cultures will be matched. Their first interaction will be online through iearn forum where they exchange information about themselves, schools, town and country. Then they will decide when it is the time to exchange the actual package. The second stage the teacher asks the students to search and collect items that relate to their cultures, clothes, food, snacks, lucky charms and everything that they think it represents their county. They will also write informative description of the items, wrap the box and send it by regular mail or fast mail like FedEX. The teacher with the administration will have to think of how to fund the package expanses. The final step is when they receive the package, they write in the forum about their reaction, and if they have extra questions about the items.