Workshop Resources

Planning Your Own iEARN Workshop?

iEARN workshops generally focus on:

  • Developing project-based curricula that integrate national educational standards and 21st century learning skills;    
  • Addressing how specific technology-based project work meets the curriculum and classroom teaching needs of each participating member;
  • Building the skills needed to engage in collaborative activities, such as peer review, team-building, joining regional and international learning communities, computer access scheduling;
  • Identifying and introducing connective technologies that are appropriate for the technology situation of the participating educators, such as secure WWW-based forums, global exchanges of art, photographs and other graphic images, videoconferencing, and chatting in a safe environment;
  • Creating specific international links with individual educators in other countries with whom to work on age-appropriate online collaborative projects; and
  • Exploring after school and student club options for online project-based learning.

Participants develop:

  • skills and resources to begin and initiate collaborative online projects
  • multimedia training resources
  • an online community of colleagues worldwide

Interested in scheduling iEARN professional development in your country or region? Contact your iEARN Country Coordinator to learn of possible opportunities.