Want to have your iEARN Project included in the 2013-2014 iEARN Project Book?

July, 8 2013

Deadline extended to August 8th!

Are you facilitating a currently active iEARN project, or do you have an idea for a new project?  The 2013-2014 iEARN Project Book will be published again in September 2013 and we would love to include all new and active iEARN projects in the collection! 

If you are an iEARN participant and have a new project idea, please first post your idea in the Teachers Forum or, for students, the Youth Forum.  Once you find partners (please note that this is a requirement for any new project), complete the project template below and post via this ONLINE FORM no later than August 8th.  We encourage all participants to first get involved in an existing iEARN project before submitting a new one.

If your project is already active in iEARN and will continue, please submit an updated template.  This project template can be submitted in any language. Please note that ALL projects -- including those currently listed in iEARN, must submit an updated project template in order to be considered renewed and included in the book.  For reference, see samples of past years' Project Books here and the iEARN project template below.

1. Name of Project:
2. Brief one-sentence description of project:
3. Full description of project:
4. Age/level of project participants:
5. Timetable/Schedule for the project:
6. Possible project/classroom activities:
7. Expected outcomes/products:
8. Project contribution to others and the planet:
9. Project language(s):
10. Curriculum/Subject area:
11. Names/email of initial participating groups:
12. Name of facilitator(s):
13. Email of facilitator(s):
14. WWW page of project (not required):
15. If you have a project image, logo, etc that can accompany the description, please upload it along with your above description.

Submit completed templates here.