iEARN-Egypt's Youth Team hosts event to celebrate the new year

January, 5 2014

iEARN-Egypt's Youth Team hosted an event on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at Manaret El-Farouk.

The event, called "iEARN Stands," brought together over a hundred promising and motivated young people to take a part in a ground-breaking event to mark the beginning of the new year and the closing of the previous one. 

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The day started off with speeches from iEARN-Egypt representatives about how iEARN can change a student or teacher's life and and inspire them to the best. Then, projects that had emerged from members were shown to the audience.  Each project was presented with charismatic and endearing approaches and a crowd that was interested enough to stay on the edge of their seats. Projects such as "Green Eco" gave hope for a greener, more environmental-friendly future.  There were also projects against sexual harassment and education reform. All the presentations opened minds and awareness and made people want to make a change. Overall the event was a great chance to meet new people and widen social networks. 

iEARN Stands Event Flyer - iEARN-Egypt

When asked for feedback, almost everyone replied saying that the event "made them want to be a better person, have a better future, and make the best out of Egypt." One replied with "iEARN gave me hope in myself after losing hope in everything around me, it made me want to change." An adult of an older generation replied "This event resurrected the hope in me of Egypt's youth. This generation has resources much better than mine did. My support to every single project and every single person here that symbolizes Egypt's future."

With the motivation of everyone present, an endearing aura, and despite the coldness of the weather, iEARN Stands started up an inner fire of warmth inside of everyone and it truly was a day to remember.

iEARN Stands Group Photo - Egypt

Thank you to Ahmad Adam for reporting.