iEARN-Egypt starts academic year with Open House

December, 24 2011

Mohamed Emad Issa, iEARN-Egypt Local Youth Representative (LYR), reports a successful opening to the 2011-2012 academic year! 

On Saturday, the 10th of December at Future Tech School in Egypt iEARN-Egypt held an opening to mark the new academic year of 2011/2012 and get the spirit up for another new amazing year with iEARN-Egypt.

Following a welcome to those who joined, iEARN-Egypt Coordinator, Dalia Khalil, shared remarks. There were then presentations about YESP and ACCESS, two of E-ERA activities.  Following that were iEARN-Egypt presentations, including one about last year’s international conference in Taiwan, two presentations from iEARN projects from the previous academic year, and a photo gallery and words from the past iEARN-Egypt Local Youth Representative, “Alaa Abd El-Rahman.”

The second part of the event included a talent competition between the attending students that included singing, playing music and poems. The talents of the students were just astonishing. We had lots of fun and were struck by lots of talents. Following that, we had a small concert by the band, “When November calls,” and then announced the results of the competition and had the closing for the event.  The winners were:

• Mohamed Emad Issa (Singing)
Anas El- Neely (Poem)
Adham Farrag (Beat boxing)

See performances and speeches from the event on the iEARN-Egypt Official YouTube channel:

iEARN-Egypt Group Photo