iEARN-Egypt launches new website

January, 3 2011

Since 1999, iEARN ( has been working in Egypt with its partners in more than 100 schools, in different governorates which are involved in a variety of iEARN projects on environment, civics education, global issues and human rights. All schools are conducting their projects with selected English Language teachers and interested students as extra curricula activities.

iEARN-Egypt's youth have always been a resource that helped in iEARN-Egypt's development. They work globally and internationally to empower other youth to become critical learners and thinkers, they establish friendly relations based on equality and mutual respect. They simply "Connect Youth to Make a Difference".
The emphasis is on upgrading student computer/internet skills, English language ability and exposure to real-life, authentic texts and themes. Projects focus on learner-centered teaching, cooperative and interactive learning and development of life skills - critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution and teambuilding.  iEARN-Egypt youth conduct school visits, events and activities.

iEARN Egypt is working under the umbrella of E-era (Egyptian Association for Educational Resources). E-era is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2005 under the Ministry of Social Solidarity #6149.  Visit the iEARN-Egypt Website >