Chiting Huang, iEARN-Taiwan alum

First time when I joined iEARN project was my first year of high school, 2007. I went to Japan for Natural Disaster of Youth Summit and that really inspired me and made me want to do more things at iEARN. Read More >

Corneila Platon, iEARN-Romania Representative and English Language Teacher

It's not so easy to imagine and believe that people who have never met, who belong to different systems of education, culture and geographical areas, became closed to one another, felt free to express their feelings and had the chance to share their experience between themselves. Read More >

Deanne McBeath, The Village Charter School, Trenton, New Jersey, USA

It filled my heart with joy to witness our students engaged in online learning, and communicating with students around the world. This kind of diversity is rare in the area that I teach. To be able to communicate with students in Pakistan, Russia, Oman, Taiwan, etc is phenomenal. Read More >

Dmitry Savelau, iEARN-Belarus alum

Dmitry Savelau is iEARN Media Mentor at Adobe Youth Voices Belarus and Campaigner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at He is the founder of Message Cafe and co-founder of Youth International Education Club NEWLINE in Minsk, Belarus. Read More >

Evgeniya Koptyug, M.A. student, Hamburg University, Journalism & Communication Science

I was very lucky to take part in the iEARN projects at school, because they gave me an early understanding about what I wanted to do professionally. Read More >

Fatima Martin (Principal) and Zeenat Munir (Head of Primary School), United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Participating in the iEARN conference itself was a delightful experience. With 500 educators from about 62 countries, there was so much passion in the air about ‘EDUCATION’. Read More >

Ionela Carp, iEARN-Moldova Alum

Ionela participated in 4 sessions of iEARN Learning Circles and was able to inspire and involve her 20 Access students to develop and implement into practice of many iEARN projects. Read More >

Janki Shah, Banneker High School, USA

With the help of my teacher and iEARN I started interacting with people across the country and the world... We used 2.0 tools to collaborate globally. I became immersed in domestic, personal and international issues such as hunger in our community and around the world and women's rights. Read More >

Jehad Halawani, iEARN-Palestine Alumnus

The greatest experience so far is being in Egypt in 2007 for the 14th Annual iEARN Conference. iEARN helped me be open-minded and outgoing. Read More >

Jurga Valanciute, iEARN Student Alumnus, Lithuania

If I had to define very shortly how iEARN contributed to my career, I would say that participating in iEARN activities helped me to develop the skills that I master today and which are essential to my work. Read More >