Below are some video profiles of iEARN and its projects and programs.  In addition, check out iEARN's YouTube Channel for more video features.



Anniversary Video20th Anniversary Video

 iEARN has been linking schools internationally since 1988.  iEARN has been linking schools internationally since 1988.iEARN has been linking schools and youth organizations since 1988.  In 2008, iEARN-USA created a video to celebrate the networks's 20th anniversary.  View video >



The BRIDGE (Building Respect through Internet Dialogue and Global Education) is a program to expand collaboration among schools in the US and countries with significant Muslim populations.  View video >


Get on the Net

Get on the Net and There You Are!

An environmental collaboration among classes in eight countries: India, Israel, Latvia, Mexico, Macedonia, Mexico, Uganda, and South Africa.  View video >



School Uniform Project

School Uniform Project Videoconference

18 teams from around the world used one of iEARN's Elluminate rooms to connect on November 26, 2010 to share their work in the School Uniform Project.  See a video documenting their experience.  View video >


Foreign Languages through iEARNTeaching Foreign Languages through iEARN

Using iEARN in a foreign or second language classroom allows educators to experiment with the power of collaborative online projects while students practice language skills. View video >


Teddy Bear Video

Teddy Bear Project

A video featuring a Teddy Bear Project Exchange between classes in El Salvador and Taiwan.  The Teddy Bear Project pairs classes together for an exchange using email and postal mail.  View video >


Tres Bosques

Tres Bosques, Un Mundo

Documents an experience of the iEARN-USA and FUNDGLODE coordinated exchanged between high school students in New York City, USA and Villa Riva, Dominican Republic.  View video >



A global network of students using technology to collaborate on environmental work. YouthCaN events are hosted each April around the world, including in Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Senegal, and the USA.  View video >




MachintoMachinto Project

A Flash overview outlining a partnership between classes in Canada and Japan in the iEARN Machinto Project, a project based on a picture book called 'Machinto' and children’s art in wartime ‘They Still Draw Pictures.  View Flash Presentation >


Four Rivers, One WorldFour Rivers, One World

An international environmental science collaboration among science teachers and their students in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the United States. View Soundslide >