Yousef Assabahi, iEARN-Yemen Alum

Yousef Assabahi is 18 years old. Yousef proved to be an active adolescent participating in various social activities. He is a member iEARN-Yemen. He also initiated a new international project to be operated within iEARN called "Activating Cultural Exchange" by participating as a presenter in the iEARN annual conference 2012.

After implementing some community service projects within iEARN, he founded a youth initiative with some of his friends called (Mujadedoon) for community service. He is also a Scenario writer in a media team called "Hands". With these two teams he had done a variety of community projects and activities. He also participated in "EMPOWER 13 Conference" in Qatar on march 2013.

Moreover, Yusuf was a member in the Media center in the Yemeni Revolution that took place during 2011. Besides, he is an iEARN trainer after having a ToT training from iEARN-Yemen. Yousef moved to USA to start a new experience. Yousef wants to major in Psychology and journalism .

He believes that with a strong education and a luminous thought we can build our countries.