Udara Soysa, iEARN Student Alumnus, Colombo, Sri Lanka

iEARN has Impacted My Life

Eleven years ago, a fifteen year old student who was not interested at all in academics, joined the iEARN program at Royal College, Colombo Sri Lanka.  Today, that student is highly interested in academics, preparing for his PhD program while working as a humanitarian writer with the United Nations.

What did IEARN change in his life?

A lot.  From the time of my communication with students around the world, I was highly fascinated with the world. I knew that there were people all around the world but iEARN bought all those far away people close to me! Not only did I become a technical expert using computers and internet, I also improved my writing tremendously while developing a highly open mind. My life and perspective changed dramatically.  I became a very highly motivated person because I have seen the best of the best people from iEARN and I strived to be like them.

iEARN's global collobration gave me my first several travel experiences ranging from India, Pakistan to as far away as Russia!   While meeting students and teachers around the world was fascinating, actually travelling and meeting the folks I had been intereacting with was amazingly devine!  It gave me a chance to use my English skills to perfection while developing skills due to this international exposure..

Currently as I write for the United Nations IRIN, an online publication of humanitarian news and analysis of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitatian Affairs.  Ii remember the iEARN experience as molding the structure of my current career. It made me an open, sensitive good writer thus equipped to serve Sri Lankans in a global context. Without being introduced to iEARN, my life course would have never led me here. Thank you iEARN for making a difference in my life.

Udara Soysa
Colombo, Sri Lanka