Saleem Ibrahim, Senior Program Manager, iEARN-Pakistan

My experience of being Manager in an organization that manages educational and cultural exchange programs, has made me believe that people from every country want peace and love and person to person contact is very important in promoting global peace.
Global peace is a big challenge and can’t be left to the politicians and the governments. Common people will have to play their role and global peace will remain a dream if common people don’t step ahead and fulfill their responsibilities.
In a mission to acquire global peace, teachers can play the most important role as representatives of civil society. They form their students’ opinions and if they take initiative, they can influence thousands of young people in thinking positively about the global issues and problems including terrorism, they can connect people from different cultures and countries and provide platform where people can discuss openly and share their ideas. This is one of the reasons why I feel teacher education and student empowerment are very important. These are not only fancy ideas but solution to global problems.
I also understand challenges and situations are different in different countries and what works in one country may not work so well in other so this the right time to ‘Think Globally, and  Act Locally’.
- Saleem Ibrahim, Senior Program Manager, iEARN-Pakistan