Muhammad Ali Khwaja, iEARN-Pakistan Student Alumnus

I used to be a student member (1996-2000). iEARN will always be very special for me. The sense of empowerment which I felt through participating in different IEARN projects has been a defining factor in my life and career. I work for an investment bank in London and also write for newspapers and run a school in Pakistan.

I often think about iEARN and always always feel indebted the network. I think it has a phenomenal value, both academic as well as social and cultural. On the academic side, I used to participate in student journalism projects (magazines of Cold Spring Harbour School, St Hilda's Gold Coast etc). The exposure and the encouragement which I got from seeing my work published was an amazing motivation. Now in my profession as an Equity Analyst, I write for a living. Other iEARN projects like clean water project were extremely insightful and valuable academically. However I think the single most important aspect of iEARN was that it made me feel that my opinion was worth something and was being listened to by someone.