Jehad Halawani, iEARN-Palestine Alumnus

 My name is Jehad Halawani from Palestine. I have been working with iEARN since 2003. My favorite project is the "PEARL Project". The greatest experience so far is being in Egypt in 2007 for the 14th Annual iEARN Conference. iEARN helped me be open-minded and outgoing. I can now express my thoughts openly and clearly. It certainly affected my academic and professional life. I was studying physics and electronics before iEARN, but after getting involved in its activities through the network of many individuals, I am now thinking of getting education in political science or social development. This way can contribute to iEARN's activities more productively and be a better 'iearner'.

- Interview at 2007 iEARN Annual Conference and Youth Summit, hosted by iEARN-Egypt