Buck Thompson, iEARN Student, Colorado, USA

Listen below to Buck Thompson, a student at Alexander Dawson School in Colorado, USA talk about his experience in the iEARN Eradication of Malaria Project.

Malaria is one of the oldest and most frequently occurring infections diseases in humans. Malaria kills more than 2.7 million people a year, most of them children and pregnant women in sub-Sahara Africa. Only tuberculosis and HIV -AIDS take similar toll. Half a billion people are infected by malaria annually. Though most do survive, many of them still suffer years later from the anaemia and development disorders caused by severe malaria infection.

In the iEARN Eradication of Malaria project, students analyze causes, effects, prevention and treatment of malaria in the world over, with the case study being done in Botswana where an annual campaign is held every July after students have fundraised for nets.