Michelle Johnson, Graduate Student, Pepperdine University

I think that as we embark on a technological revolution that challenges the current education system, reformation in that system will be needed to bring about the global education transformation that is required for education in the US. I believe a key aspect of this reform is incorporating cross-cultural collaborative learning via innovative technologies.

Saleem Ibrahim, Senior Program Manager, iEARN-Pakistan

Global peace is a big challenge and can’t be left to the politicians and the governments. Common people will have to play their role and global peace will remain a dream if common people don’t step ahead and fulfill their responsibilities. Read More >

Zafer M, iEARN-Syria Student Alumnus

I owe to iEARN my first exposure to interacting with individuals from other parts of the world, along with realizing the value and importance of a cultural dialogue. Read More >

Brittany Mitchell, iEARN World Youth News reporter & Adobe Youth Voices participant

Being able to get a personal view into someone else's country through their own eyes, rather than hearing it from the news, is a very unique and amazing concept. Read More >

Deanne McBeath, The Village Charter School, Trenton, New Jersey, USA

It filled my heart with joy to witness our students engaged in online learning, and communicating with students around the world. This kind of diversity is rare in the area that I teach. To be able to communicate with students in Pakistan, Russia, Oman, Taiwan, etc is phenomenal. Read More >

Buck Thompson, iEARN Student, Colorado, USA

We were working with other kids who were actually working to solve a problem in their own country and who were really passionate about what was happening in their country and wanted to do something to help [about the iEARN Eradication of Malaria Project]. I really enjoyed the experience. Read More >

Evgeniya Koptyug, M.A. student, Hamburg University, Journalism & Communication Science

I was very lucky to take part in the iEARN projects at school, because they gave me an early understanding about what I wanted to do professionally. Read More >

Yu Chen Yu, iEARN-Taiwan Teacher

After joining iEARN, I had lots of opportunities to explore the world, even in the classroom, and that really broadened my horizons. Read More >

Yoko Takagi, iEARN-Japan Country Coordinator

iEARN is the place that we learn how to create peace. I love it! Read More >

Sounkalo Dembele, iEARN-Mali Representative

My favorite iEARN project is “The Dolls for Computer”, the program that I facilitate. It allows many children to gain access to computer and educational resources. Read More >