Ronald Kasendwa, iEARN-Uganda alum

Ronald has been involved in numerous iEARN trainings that saw the increase of local program educators and growth of the program in general. He has also equipped a number of youth with skills that enable them to speak out about issues in their community. Read More >

Bilal Zubair Khan, iEARN-Pakistan alum

At 21, Bilal Zubair Khan is the youth program coordinator at iEARN Pakistan. Read More >

Yousef Assabahi, iEARN-Yemen Alum

Yousef Assabahi is a member iEARN-Yemen and initiated a new international project to be operated within iEARN called "Activating Cultural Exchange" by participating as a presenter in the iEARN annual conference 2012. Read More >

Rafid Alam Khan, iEARN-Bangladesh Alum

I believe we all have a potential of being a perfect human being. Everyone of us has our own way of doing it and thus we look for a peaceful world where we can be ourself and do what we want and need to. Read More >

Ionela Carp, iEARN-Moldova Alum

Ionela participated in 4 sessions of iEARN Learning Circles and was able to inspire and involve her 20 Access students to develop and implement into practice of many iEARN projects. Read More >

Siyu Guo, iEARN-China Alum

I organized education volunteers learning iEARN's courses and tutoring youth participation in Adobe Youth Voices activities to complete their work. I really benefited a lot, not only broaden my horizons, but also make a lot of friends from different places. Read More >

Marius Puscas, iEARN-Romania Student Alumnus

My first contact with international projects, respectively iEARN, was in 2001, when Prof. Nelly Platon, my highschool English teacher, introduced me and my colleagues to a world of new possibilities. What first caught my attention was the possibility to have access to a computer, because until then I didn't have the chance to work with one. Read More >

Bryan Billings, iEARN Alum, USA

The late 1980's and the early 19990's were such an exciting time for Soviet[Russian]-American relations, and it was so thrilling to speak to Muscovite children of the same age. Read More >

Fatima Martin (Principal) and Zeenat Munir (Head of Primary School), United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Participating in the iEARN conference itself was a delightful experience. With 500 educators from about 62 countries, there was so much passion in the air about ‘EDUCATION’. Read More >

Safiétou Ndiaye, teacher of English at Lycée Moderne de Dakar, Dakar, Senegal

My experience with iEARN: shaping better learners, better citizens and tomorrow’s leaders through project based learning. Read More >