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The Poland/Israel Study Trip is an important feature of iEARN's Holocaust/Genocide Project. Each year, in March or April, students and teachers have the opportunity to travel to Poland and Israel; the itinerary is structured so that students spend the first week in Poland and arrive in Israel during Passover week.

Over fifty students and teachers from Israel, the United States, and Australia participated in the 1995 Poland/Israel Study Mission.

[ Dzien Dobry! ('Good Day!'
in Polish) ][
Shalom! ('Hello/Peace' in Hebrew) ]

An important component of the trip is meeting students and teachers from other countries. Although students and teachers stay in hotels while they are on the European portion of the trip, in Israel students and teachers stay with Israeli families -- an aspect of the trip which is consistently praised by all participants. Traveling together through Poland and later enjoying time with Israeli families make this trip an unforgettable experience -- and an opportunity to discover and understand other cultures, and form lasting friendships.

The Poland/Israel Study Mission requires early registration to ensure the best accommodations at the most attractive price. Additional details -- including the trip itinerary; accommodations and estimated costs; and information on travel grants and stipends -- are also available.

[ Poland/Israel Study Trip: 1996 Itinerary ]

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