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Participants in the Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP) use the international, on-line computer conference as their meeting place, where they can discuss specific topics (DISCUSS), express their views (FORUM), benefit from shared resources (RESOURCE), participate in lessons with other students around the world (LESSON), and take action to help make positive changes in the world (ACT NOW).

Below is an archival facsimile of the index from the HGP's international on-line computer conference. The dates indicate when each topic was created. The right column displays the user ID of each topic's creator (e.g., ortisrael for "ORT Israel"), and the number in the column beside each user ID indicates the number of responses to that topic.

If you have any questions about iEARN's modern Web-based forums for its international, educational projects, please contact iEARN. Please note that you may access iEARN's forums using Web browsers, off-line news clients (newsreaders), and/or via e-mail.

iearn.hgp -- I*EARN Holocaust Study Conference

10/03/94    1+Purpose of This Conference              ortisrael
10/22/97    2**!* Read This First             *!*   1 ortisrael
            3** Welcome - Introductions         *   1 ortisrael
            4** What's New                      *   2 ortisrael
            5 * Mark Your Calendar              *   1 ortisrael
            6** AETI - A Global Student Magazine*  10 ortisrael
            7** Poland - Israel Study Mission 98*   1 ortisrael
            8*RESOURCES -------------------------     ortisrael
            9*-RESOURCE: Historical Timeline    -     ortisrael
           10*-RESOURCE: Bibliography/Resources -     ortisrael
           11*-RESOURCE: HGP WWW and Gopher Sites   6 ortisrael
           12*-RESOURCE: Survivors speak        -  31 ortisrael
           13*LESSONS ---------------------------     ortisrael
           14*-LESSON: "Relating Personally"    -   5 ortisrael
           15*-LESSON: "Up Close and Personal"  -     ortisrael
           16*-LESSON: Wiesel's Night (2 weeks) -   7 ortisrael
           17*-LESSON: WWW Citing for Research  -     ortisrael
           18*RESEARCH- HISTORY -----------------     ortisrael
           19*-RESEARCH: Sources of the Wave    -   6 ortisrael
           20*-RESEARCH: The First Wave 1933-39 -  10 ortisrael
           21*-RESEARCH: The Tidal Wave 1939-45 -     ortisrael
           22*-RESEARCH: Resistance             -     ortisrael
           23*-RESEARCH: Courage and Rescuers   -     ortisrael
           24*DISCUSSION ------------------------     ortisrael
           25*-DISCUSS: Genocide Past / Present -   1 ortisrael
           26*-DISCUSS: Current Events          -     ortisrael
           27*-DISCUSS: Night                   -     ortisrael
           28*-DISCUSS: The Cage                -     ortisrael
           29*-DISCUSS: Diary of Anne Frank     -   1 ortisrael
           30*-DISCUSS: Diary of Zlata Filipovic-     ortisrael
           31*-DISCUSS: Never Another Butterfly -   1 ortisrael
           32*-DISCUSS: Elli, Coming of Age     -     ortisrael
           33*-DISCUSS: The Wave                -     ortisrael
           34*-DISCUSS: I am a Star             -   1 ortisrael
           35*-DISCUSS: Maus / Maus II          -     ortisrael
           36*-DISCUSS: Music and the Holocaust -     ortisrael
           37*-DISCUSS: Art and the Holocaust   -   2 ortisrael
           38*-DISCUSS: Schindler's List        -   1 ortisrael
           39*-DISCUSS: Fragments               -     ortisrael
           40*ACT NOW   -------------------------     ortisrael
           41*-ACT NOW: Bias/Hate Crime         -   5 ortisrael
           42*-ACT NOW: Eliminating Prejudice   -   2 ortisrael
           43*-ACT NOW: Conflict Resolution     -  21 ortisrael
           44*THE FORUMS ------------------------   1 ortisrael
           45*-FORUM: Student to Student        -  20 ortisrael
           46*-FORUM: Teacher to Teacher        -   8 ortisrael
           47*ASSIGNMENTS -----------------------     ortisrael
           48*-ASSIGN: Eugenics/Racism          -     ortisrael
           49*-ASSIGN: Other Holocaust Victims  -     ortisrael
           50*-ASSIGN: What Have I learned      -   5 ortisrael
           51*Steven Spielberg's Shoah Project  -  57 ortisrael
           52*Facing History and Ourselves/HGP  -   2 ortisrael
           53*The Swiss Bank Scandal            -   1 ortisrael

                **** End of Topics ****

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