An End to Ignorance -- Volume 1 • May 1993

Introduction to the Holocaust/Genocide Project Newsletter
By Christopher Lee
Cold Spring Harbor High School
New York, United States

The purpose of the Holocaust/Genocide Project newsletter is to educate people as to what really happened during the Holocaust, so that readers will better realize the horrors that came with this event and work to guarantee that such an atrocity will never be allowed to happen again. This project has many facets, one of them being this newsletter.

One of the other key parts of the Holocaust/Genocide Project is a teleconference, iearn.hgp, made possible by a modem link on Internet between schools across the world, on which anyone can voice his/her opinion on one of many subjects related to the Holocaust. Among the twenty-one topics in iearn.hgp are: a study conference and discussions of what should be taught as curriculum; common facts for newcomers; the Holocaust training program planned for Washington state; the world fighting back; and the question, "Did we learn the lesson?"

We have received letters from schools asking about various aspects of the Holocaust. Some were asking for very specific answers. Others wanted to know more about what the Holocaust was and who was involved. One of the reasons why this project exists is to answer these important questions.

'The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again.'

Possibly the most significant aspect of the project was the trip this year to Poland and Israel. A group of five students and three teachers from the U.S. met with a group of Israeli students and teachers and visited concentration camps and historically relevant spots in both countries.

The historian George Santayana once said, "The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again." We, who are working on this project, believe that this is true, and that we must do everything possible to guarantee that another Holocaust does not occur.

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