An End to Ignorance — Volume 1 • May 1993

Poem: "I Cry"

By Megan Orsen, Grade 10
Cold Harbor Spring High School
New York, United States

I Cry

I cry for all those who suffered during the

I cry for all of the innocent children
who died in the gas chambers.

I cry for the mothers who saw their babies
dying in the arms of strangers.

I cry for the husbands separated from their
wives, and fathers separated from their children.

I cry for those left to die under
a pile of corpses.

I cry because in the battle between
love and survival, love lost.

I cry because no one cared.

I cry for those who died of starvation,
disease, and lack of hope.

I cry because life no longer had any meaning.

I cry for those who gave up themselves, their
family, and the world.

I cry for those who no longer believed
there was God above.

I cry because people want to forget the
Holocaust ever existed.

I cry because it did.

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