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An End to Intolerance

Cover of 2000 Issue

Volume 8 -- June 2000

Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York (United States)
A Project of the International Education and Resource Network

Please Note: This year's issue of An End to Intolerance is in PDF format. To read these files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you may download from Adobe's Web site. Thank you.

 1.  Download the "Introduction" and "Patrons" sections (3.86 MB)

 2. Download the "Survivors Speak" section (2.71 MB)

 3. Download the "In The Schools" section (4.61 MB)

 4. Download the "Human Rights and Genocide" section (1.91 MB)

 5. Download the "Global Education" section (1.74 MB)

 6. Download the "Student Reviews" section (1.48 MB)

 7. Download the "Creative Impressions" and "Gallery" sections (6.77 MB)

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