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White Power Music

By Lars Persson and Kristina
Nilsson, Friaborg High School,
Simrishamn, Sweden. (Please see the
accompanying article about our
friends in Sweden.)

[ Student Drawing of Racist Vocalist ]

The purpose of this article is to point out the neo-Nazis' prime source of income, namely their music. The music draws many young supporters. The bands are well aware of this fact, and so, the groups with younger listeners are less brutal than those with older listeners.

The most racist bands encourage listeners in violence towards Jews, colored people, and homosexuals. Despite the growth of white-power music, it is important to know that most of the Swedish people are very much against it.

During the last five years, twenty neo-Nazi bands have debut on record. The names of the groups don't leave any doubt about where they belong, for example "Svastika" and "Totenkopf." In their songs, they sing about white power, racial violence, and Vikings. But it all started with Ultima Thule, who were very successful in Sweden in the '90s. They had three records on the Swedish top-sales list at the same time. The owner of the record company, which Ultima Thule signed with, was then a Member of Parliament.

They wanted to call their music "national-romance." Since Ultima Thule came on the scene, much has happened. Two "interesting bands" are Midgards Soner (sons of Midgard) and Heroes.

The story of Heroes started in the middle of the '8Os. They were then called Dirlewanger, after an SS-leader on the Eastern-front during World War II. Dirlewanger split up after having released a few records with the French white-power record company Rebelles Europeens. After a while they changed their name to Heroes in the Snow, because they wanted to wash off their neo-Nazi label in order to sell more records. Their first album at the new record company in 1993 was called Viking Power Rock 'n' Roll. (They have since changed to the Swedish company Ragnarock Records.) But the album went under the name White Power Rock 'n' Roll, which they also sang. With this album, the concept of "white power" was founded as a reaction against "black power." (Black power was a movement which fought for human rights and equality for blacks.)

The group made another record for Ragnarock, That's How it Goes, before they changed their name to just Heroes. The band has played in many countries, including the United States.

White-power music has two tasks. One is to gain new members and supporters for different neo-Nazi organizations. The other is to sell a large quantity of records to keep the propaganda machine going.

Here is an example of how papers and records are being sold. White-power music is principally sold by mail order catalogues. The biggest sellers are Nordland, Ragnarock, and 88/Music (88 means HH, which means "Heil, Hitler"). Nordland also publishes newspapers, and you may wonder how they can afford to publish them. Expo, a Swedish anti-racist paper, made an examination in 1995. They found that a twenty-eight page paper, with 15,000 copies printed, costs 80,000 Swedish crowns. The band Midgards Soner sold 7,000 copies of their last record. After all the expenses had been paid, the profit from the album was 360,000 Swedish crowns. These figures make it easier to understand how Nordland's racist paper can exist.

The music has taken a central part, with many neo-Nazi organizatons getting money from record sale profits, instead of other, criminal, activities. Through the music, these organizations can reach out to a big audience, and much of their propaganda couldn't have been spread without white-power music.

Many "normal" record companies have now stopped selling records from neo-Nazi bands, because most people just do not want this kind of music. They also confiscated all their records. Let's hope that this activity is just the beginning to stop white-power music.

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