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Special Thanks

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to An End to Intolerance and the Holocaust/Genocide Project.


Jewish Charities Fund, Inc.
Leslie M. Pollack
The Iris and Andrew Morse Foundation
Oran, Elsen, and Lupert
M.R. Weisner and Company, LLP

Golden Patrons

Lydia and Anthony Bellino
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Block
Susan Capetola
Mr. and Mrs. John Cherpock and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Cohen/Rachel and Michael Bobrow
Cold Spring Harbor Citizens Faculty Association
Betty Gellman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ginsberg
Mr and Mrs. Leonard Golder and Benjamin
Richard Hamburger and Lisa Greene
Eran Lehav
Robin and Bud London
Laura and Elizabeth Roche
Neal and Terry Trabich
Michael and Deedee Wigler
Neomi Yakuel


Vivian Blackman
Ron and Cookie Estrin
Beth and Steve Leeds
Drs. Richard B. Schwartz and Frances Santiago-Schwartz
Hildy and Gary Stein
The Wenk Family


Alice Bergida
Lindsay Bressler
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Christie
Shane and Martin Davis
Dr. Steven and Carol Eisner
Karen and Michael Fishelson
Mr. and Mrs. D. Richard Grace
David Hahn
Barbara and Joel Kuppersmith Ann Lonegan
Toni Martin
The Marts Family
Fran and Sheldon Prager
The Smith Family
Theresa Soltiz
Melanie and Jay Steinberg
The Tydings Family
Aenora Tawaji
Jerry and Pat Wolfert

Special Appreciation: Michael Andrews; Judy Barr; Joey Bergida; Kristi Brosius; Cathy and Charly Bullock; JoAnne Bradley; Bob Carter; Peter Copen and The Copen Family Fund; "Cold Spring Harbor central School Distric wishes to give special recognition to Mrs. Shirley Mayer for her invaluable contribution in conceiving and originating the Holocaust/Genocide studies"; Ceil Daher; Doris Davis; David Dickerson; Laura Dordon; Nili Eldar; Stephen Feinberg and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Mandel Fellowship; Rosmary Folks; Susan Frey; Simeon Garrison; Veniamin Golden; Thomas Hall; Allison Halloran; Richard Ham; Lisa Jobson; Virginia King; David Klevan; Debbie Levesque; Genya Markon; Di McWhirter; Dan Napolitano; Liz Nicklas; The Official Press; Judy Peterson; Jim Pryal; Ruth Minsky Sender; Kathy Skidmore; Steven Spielberg; David Taylor; Joseph Vaux; Raymond Walters; and, Elie Wiesel.

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