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All About Our
Friends in Sweden

Lars Persson and Kristina
Nilsson attend Friaborg High School,
in Simrishamn, Sweden, where
students produce a magazine, CULTURAL
HORIZONS, which is devoted to
"young writers and artists contributing
to global understanding." This
article, by project coordinator Seth Selleck,
presents information about CULTURAL HORIZONS.

[ 'Cultural Horizons' Cover ]

We communicate by letter, fax, and e-mail with students, teachers, and departments of education in many different countries -- including Burkina Faso, Canada, Lithuania, Iceland, Poland, Russia, Samoa, South Africa, Micronesia, Nauru, Tanzania, Vietnam, the USA, the Netherlands and, of course, Sweden.

We invite secondary schools everywhere to contribute articles, photographs, and, artwork to our magazine. (When we publish articles, we send free copies of Cultural Horizons to the contributing schools.) We especially welcome poems, articles, and, short stories that offer insight into the life and culture of youth worldwide. We review the contributions with students here at Friaborg High School, who help to select and edit the articles and give suggestions for the layout.

Our goal is to involve students from many different schools in our editing process, but this plan will take another year or two to develop. We need to be ahead of schedule first, and right now we are still only working on one issue at a time. So far, it is mostly our own students who are involved in the editing and design aspects. We have a student Web designer who includes excerpts from our magazine on our home page. The final layout and printing of Cultural Horizons is done professionally, although we hope that, in the future, students will become more involved in that process. We even envision creating an international editorial and publishing center where students from ten to fifteen different countries come to work together for a year to produce Cultural Horizons and other youth publications.

We hope that students worldwide will become involved in a yearly Cultural Horizons Festival and Global Art Exhibition, around the theme of "friendification." We are hoping to involve students worldwide in a yearly celebration of "friendification," or "an end to intolerance."

Students who are interested can view the Web site of Cultural Horizons at the following URL: (Invalid)

Students may also write to the editors directly, via e-mail, at the following address: (Invalid)

Bring the Festival to the People

In our first issue, we invited youth worldwide to come to Sweden in May 1998 to celebrate the multicultural society and express their desire for "friendification." Although many have expressed enthusiastic support for our plans with the Cultural Horizons Festival, we now understand that only a limited number of students, mostly from neighboring countries, will be able to attend our activities. We have therefore adopted a new philosophy: If you can't bring the people to the festival, bring the festival to the people!

We hereby invite youth everywhere to expand the Cultural Horizons Festival by creating their own local, regional, national, or international multicultural activities, during May 17-23, 1998, which will promote "friendification" (harmony in a multicultural society). We hope that each participating school or youth group will inform us about its plans and document its activities and, as result, create articles and photographs for future issues of Cultural Horizons. By continuously gathering youth experiences and suggestions, we will prepare for the founding of The Friendification Institute, where we will research the art and science of "friendification" and work with students from many countries to coordinate and promote global events. We envision that the Cultural Horizons Festival will become a yearly celebration, consisting of everything from one-day local multicultural activities to week-long regional and international gatherings. In cooperation with many international associations, departments of education, and youth organizations around the world, students worldwide can join together to make a powerful demonstration of their shared desire for "friendification."

Below are some examples of the activities we are planning for our festival in Sweden. Although you may wish to include some of them in your part of our celebration, we hope that what goes on at each festival site will be unique. Whenever you have ideas and suggestions that you feel might inspire others, please share them with us, so we may print them in future issues. When it comes to copyright laws, we hereby give schools and youth organizations the right to print material (posters and T-shirts, for example) with the words "Cultural Horizons Festival" in connection with their participation. We feel it is only natural that the word "friendification" belongs to the world and may be used throughout the year by anyone wishing to promote intercultural understanding.

Some Planned Activities

The Global Art Exhibition

In combination with the Cultural Horizons Festival, we hope that many schools will create local art exhibitions around the same theme and send us a sample of their artists' works. We will display the works during the festival at the Ystad Art Museum. Once again, we ask all participating schools to inform us of their intentions, so we may prepare room for their creations and publish a list of exhibition sites, both large and small.

Please note that all works of art sent to our international exhibition will become the property of the Cultural Horizons Foundation, and they may be made available for future art exhibitions and/or be represented in publications. Wherever they appear, the names of the artists will accompany them.

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