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A Letter from the Student Editors

[ AETI Staff and Project Mentor, Honey Kern ]

Dear Readers,

Thank you for all your support and help this year. You have made this magazine possible by discussing the Holocaust and other human rights injustices with students and teachers from all over the globe. To prevent any further genocides and to end intolerance, education is the key.

On the education network, iEARN on the Internet, students around the world use computers to telecommunicate with each other; exchange view points, and learn about each other's cultures. The Holocaust/Genocide Project currently involves fifty-three research, action and discussion topics. Through e-mail, our World Wide Web site, and teleconferencing, students post and read messages about current events, literature, history, research, and the arts.

With the importance of education and spreading knowledge in mind, we chose "What Have I Learned?" as our magazine's theme this year. This theme encompasses our belief that knowledge affects moral values, and that shared knowledge affects moral values that may last a lifetime. It is clear that some of us would not have learned anything if no one was there to teach us. So, this theme includes the communication that is necessary for our global education. What's more important is that students from Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany Isrel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, and the United States are using education for postive actions and work together.

We hope that An End to Intolerance pleases you. It takes dedication and hard work for everyone to achieve love and peace among nations.

Student Editors

Jennifer Block  *  Farnosh Family  *  Matt Miller

Cold Spring Harbor High School
Cold Spring Harbor, New York
United States of America

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