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The Reach and Teach worldwide Holocaust education group consists of Holocaust survivors, some of their offspring, and educators, located in various parts of the country. The survivors come from the three main survivor groups -- namely, concentration camp survivors, hidden children survivors, and Kindertransport survivors.

The primary aim of this group is to reach out to individuals, particularly the younger generation, and to teach, educate, and inform them about the Holocaust, its history and related facts. They do so primarily through the Internet (including e-mail), as well as with written materials; and, they are the only survivor group to do so.

The Reach and Teach Web site is at the following URL: (Unavailable)

Any educator, teacher, or organization interested in obtaining further information, may contact the founder of Reach and Teach, Mr. Ed Behrendt, <> (invalid).

Important Update (November 2005): The Reach and Teach project no longer exists. Edward Behrendt has gone on to found, and is the president emeritus of, The Kindertransport Association, a very useful resource for students and teachers studying the Holocaust, as well as for Holocaust survivors and needy children.

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