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Project Mentor Suggests
New Goal for 1998

By Gideon Goldstein,
iEARN Coordinator, Israel

On May 15, 1998, Israel will celebrate its Independence Jubilee. The State of Israel was born on the ashes and ruins of the Jewish communities demolished in the Holocaust.

It was not until the horrible truth of the Holocaust was revealed that the Jewish people were fortunate to have the world community allow them a place of their own. It is here, in Israel, that we learn the lessons of the Holocaust every day.

The term Holocaust has become very fashionable when used in the context of other occurrences of genocide. Many ethnic and national minorities, who have suffered persecution, attempts at annihilation, and vicious atrocities, have labeled their catastrophes as "holocausts."

The Holocaust/Genocide Project, ending another year of on-line success should, in my mind, do two things next year: We should clarify the terminology, for ourselves and for others, and we should attempt to research that clarification as best we can.

I feel this mission is important. The HGP has by now matured enough to be able to look at this delicate undertaking.

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