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The "Million Pennies" Project

[ Map of New York State ]

The Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County, New York, USA, has recently initiated a project to memorialize children who perished at the hands of the Nazi killing machine. One million pennies adds up to $10,000, which will be used toward establishing a Children's Memorial Garden on the Center's premises.

Each school which participates will be recognized with a gold engraved leaf. These leaves will be placed on a tree in the Children's Room at the Holocaust Center. In addition, each school will be presented with a certificate commemorating its participation in this very meaningful project.

The students of the HGP/AETI hope to support this project. For more information or to send pennies directly, please write to the following postal address:

Irving Roth
Director of Education
Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County
Welwyn Preserve
100 Crescent Beach Road
Glen Cove, NY 11542
United States of America

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