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Media as
Our Educator

By Free Mondesire
New York City
Lab School, USA

About fifty years ago, millions of Jews in Europe were killed by the Nazis. The Nazis were a military group who took over the German government and carried out the orders of Adolf Hitler, their military leader. It is not easy to education America's youth today about this topic. The media tries; the schools try; and, the parents try.

Just last week, on Monday, Seventh Heaven can on at 8:00 PM. That week's program was the story of the survivor of the Holocaust. Simon, the youngest boy in the TV family and a student in the fifth grade, decided to tell the story of a family friend to his class at school.

He was supposed to tell a story passed down by his family, but once he saw numbers on his friend's arm, curiosity arose. Immediately, he began to question his father. With a response of "leave her alone, and don't worry about it," Simon became even more curious.

So, one night, he said he was going to walk the dog. He came back home after dark, which upset his parents. Simon had gone to the woman's house to see if he could possibly find out about the numbers. The woman did not open the door.

Simon then told his father he had to know what happened, because one of the students in the class said his father told him the Holocaust never happened. Both went back to the woman's house to hear her story. Simon left in tears, but also with important knowledge. His presentation (for the class) was the woman Holocaust survivor telling her story as a guest of the class. She told them about the separation of men and women and the gas chambers in which her family and other families were murdered.

This TV show was just one way the media try to inform the public, especially younger viewers. In school, we learn about Hitler and how the Holocaust was a second persecution for the Jews. Our parents most often tell us the same things we learn in history books; many of our parents, however, did not find out all of the truth until they went to college, which is where they were most likely to get all their information, not found in our textbooks, to tell us.

It took me my sophomore year to find out actual numbers. I also found out that Hitler did not like Gypsies, minorities, homosexuals, or anyone who was not of the blond-haired, blue-eyed "Aryan" race.

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