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The Great Patriotic War

By Irina Moiseeva, Grade 10,
Private Lyceum No. 2
Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

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In this country, World War II is know as "The Great Patriotic War." It lasted from 1941 until 1945, and millions of people were killed. There was no family in the country which did not lose a man of their own kin. This war elapsed between the USSR and Germany, and Germans were guilty of starting it. They attacked the USSR on June 22, 1941. After much bloodshed, our army won the victory and saved the world from fascists. Many cities and historical monuments were destroyed. Millions of people were killed in concentration camps. Families were separated. Many people, not guilty of anything, suffered in this war, as happens in any other war. The economy of the country was damaged, and years were needed for restoration; but the economic damage was nothing compared to the damage to morale. Even today, the veterans remember those nightmares with tears in their eyes. I don't want the nightmares ever to be repeated.

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