[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

Book Review
Zlata's Diary: A Child's
Life In Sarajevo

By Tilden Ukestine, Alanda Panteah,
Teilani Lahaleon, Karlee Bowekaty,
and Andrew Soseeah
A:Shiwi Elementary School
Zuni, New Mexico, USA

We are all ten years old and we are in the fifth grade. We read a book that is a diary written by a girl named Zlata Filipovic in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. She was ten years old when she started her diary in 1991. She wrote a lot about the war in Bosnia.

She said that because of the war, her childhood had been taken away from her, and she felt robbed by the people who started the war. She missed out on birthday parties, sleeping over with friends, playing in the park, having special events with her family and friends, and going to school.

Life was difficult for Zlata and her family because of the war. Often they had no electricity, gas, water or food at their home. They had to go fetch water at a well which was dangerous because of snipers.

When they did not have gas then they could not cook bread or other food. They tried to use a wood burning stove, but there was not much wood. They had to chop up their furniture to burn, and some people chopped down all the trees in the park.

Zlata felt very sad because her friends were killed by shrapnel. One of her friends was killed in the park across the street from her apartment. There were many refugees who had to move away from their homes. Even some children had to leave their parents, grandparents and other relatives. Zlata felt sad when her friends left Sarajevo.

Zlata and her family had to be very brave. Zlata's mother left their apartment one day to venture into the city to visit relatives. When returning home, she had to run across the long bridge over the river when there was shooting and shelling. Zlata had to be brave when she and her dad went out to fetch water. She also had to be very brave when she hid in her basement when there was heavy shelling and shooting around her apartment.

Zlata wrote, "This stupid war is destroying my childhood. It's destroying my parents' lives. Why? STOP THE WAR! PEACE! I NEED PEACE!"

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