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Tomek Wisniewski, a Polish historian of Jewish life in Poland, was born in 1958. He graduated from Warsaw University in 1984 and spent nine months in prison during war time in Poland. He is the author of three books and has written over one hundred articles about Jewish culture, history, and social life, especially in the Bialystok region.

[ Jewish Market in Bialystok, Poland ]
Jewish Market in Bialystok
(T. Wisniewski)

His desire is to preserve the richness of Jewish culture and to bring an understanding to his fellow Poles. He is now working as a journalist for a daily newspaper in Bialystok, Kurier Poranny.

Tomek Wisniewski is ". . . a non-Jew who discovered his city's Jewish history....He now devotes his time to recording what is left of Jewish culture and history in the Bialystok region. . . ." says Ruth Ellen Gruber in Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to Central and Eastern Europe (New York: 1992)."

"Although we have never met Mr. Wisniewski, we have had extensive correspondence with him over the past few years. . . . He has uncovered a number of documents dealing with business transactions and vital statistics on individual bearing our family surname. He is currently involved in a project of translating tombstones in Jewish cemeteries. . . ." Morris Ziff, Ph.D. and M.D., in letter to Sol Krim, editor of Bialystock Shtimme (NYC), 18 September 1995.

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