[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

Book Review

By Kyle Newman
Grade 8
Mrs. Dordon's Class

The book Night, by Elie Wiesel, is a dramatic, nonfiction documentary about this man's life in the Holocaust. This story gets deep into the horrors of the actions made by the Nazis, SS soldiers and the Gestapo. This memoir of a part of Elie Wiesel's life is like no other piece of writing on the Holocaust that I have ever read.

[ 'Night' Book Cover ]

The story starts out in the small town of Sighet in Transylvania and moves into the life in the ghetto and the transportation of people to concentration or work camps.

In the ghetto, lives are rearranged. People's hopes are crushed as they are treated like animals and dehumanized. Before long, the author takes the reader on a journey into the train for the Jews' long trip to Auschwitz. Wiesel's train trip is unbelievable and extremely detailed. People were herded into tightly crunched cattle cars. One scene told of Madame Schachter who is one of the many people who completely broke down. She thinks she sees fire and smoke, yet there is none. As the train approaches Auschwitz, the people can smell the rotting flesh and burning lives and also see the dense clouds of smoke from the dreaded chimneys.

Elie enters the camp and stays with his father almost all the time he is there or at Buna. This memoir is an important experience about a fourteen year old boy and the way the world forced him to grow up during the Holocaust. I don't want to give the rest of the book away, so you will have to read it.

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