[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

Letter from Argentina

To Editors of An End to Intolerance,

The intention of this note is to raise awareness of what's happening in my country like in many others. My feeling is the Jew community lacks protection. This was shown in three occurrences so far:

  • March 17 1992:   A bomb exploded in the Embassy of Israel.

  • July 18 1994:   A huge explosion destroyed the building of AMIA, the social security service for Jews.

  • October 23 1996:   Several tombs were profaned in the Jewish burial grounds "La Tabled" as well as in other cemeteries in the provinces of Cordoba and Salta.

These kinds of deeds cause fear and rage, not only in the Jewish community but in all inhabitants in Argentina.

I, personally, feel ashamed and hurt because I know how seriously these acts hurt the feelings of the Jews. I sincerely hope that the persons who commit these crimes regret what they did and some day realize that they not only bring shame to Argentina as a country, but also to all mankind. I hope they become aware of the consequences this brings to all of us.

Guadalupe Ortiz
12th Grade
Zapala, Argentina

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