[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

Faces of War
Ventures Forth

By Jo Tate
Project Coordinator

Those who have visited <iearn.ventures> lately will be able to read interesting first-hand material that students globally have contributed after interviewing community and family members who were touched by the trauma of war.

Interviewing survivors at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum was one of the most powerful experiences thus far. Four Holocaust survivors told their stories while being filmed by a professional crew, sponsored by Ballarat University.

It is our hope to raise additional funds so that a school video resource and CD-ROM can be prepared for the project with the assistance of the University.

We were pleased to follow the lead of Cold Spring Harbor and its involvement with the Steven Spielberg crews. The project looks like it will continue beyond its original timeline, so please feel free to contribute material from your friends or relatives.

We have interviewed soldiers of war and rescuers and welcome international contributions of student work for the global art exhibition associated with the project.

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