[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

Letters to the Editor

Elie Wiesel
Boston University
University Professor and
Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities

August 19, 1996

Dear Students,

I just received the 1996 edition of your student magazine. I would like to thank you for thinking of me. I thoroughly enjoyed the articles, poems, and pictures. You are sensitive and perspective students. I'm glad to see you are taking steps to teach others about the importance of tolerance. It is students like you who give me faith for the future. I can only hope that you will continue your hard work educating the world. Maybe then we -- as a whole --  can put "An End to Intolderance," once and for all.

Mrs. Kern, clearly you have made a huge impact on your students' lives. I am deeply honored to share the same profession with you.

With best wishes,

Elie Wiesel

September 26, 1996

I'm sure you've been wondering what's going on with me, because I've been too quiet. Honestly, much has been going on. Yorke Rodda (my source of inspiration and my mentor), has managed to purchase a 28.8k modem, which I'm incidentally using to send this e-mail. I believe this marks the beginning of greater things to happen at Micha-Kgasi High School, South Africa.

Thank you very much for what you have done for our little and unknown school. It is really pleasng and comforting to realize that people show concern towards the disadvantaged. It is really amazing how you managed to convince people, who do not even know us, to get involved in a fundraising venture of this nature. This is a clear indication to us that whatever the disadvantages or shortfalls, there is always some light at the end of the tunnel and this should really inspire us to even greater heights.

It is clear to us that many people whith the interest at heart to better lives of people, donated their time, energy and resources to help us off the ground. These are pupils, teachers and parents. I wish we (humanity) could all see this. We would make this world a better place, a real home.

I am unfortunately working from home (where my PC is). There are, however, five teachers who have enrolled at the University if Pretoria for computer literacy courses. By the way, they're all computer illiterate. We expect them to start offering computer literacy to our students when we reopen (1 October). We have also been to a neighboring wealthy (white) school (sorry for making that distinction -- that's South Africa) in town (Pretoria), which is willing to help us.

Fond memories of Budapest never stop coming to my mind. The I*EARN family who actually made my days (not day) out there will forever be remembered very dearly.

Philemon Kotsokoane

July 24, 1996

Many, many thanks for your gift of $190.00, received on 27 June 1996, for the Burned Churches Fund. The caring that your gift expresses will make healing possible.

The Burned Churches Fund has drawn support from people all across out land. It is a uniquely gratifying response.

The fund will allow the victimized and desecrated churches to be restored. We hope that each church building will be better equipped for ministry than before it was struck.

Also, the Burned Churches Fund will allow us to challenge the racism that continues to fuel hurt and hate among us. We need a deeper healing if thre is to be a lasting end to the epidemic of violence.


(Rev. Dr.) Joan Brown Campbell
National Councile of Churche of Christ in the USA

You may may not have seen the students from Bairnsdale Secondary College in <iearn.hgp>, but use has been made of the topics in the conference by our teachers in their class work.

This year one of the novels studied by our Year 12 students was Elli: Coming of Age in the Holocaust. A number of Year 12 teachers used <iearn.hgp> as a resource to provide the students with background knowledge of this autobiography. Many of the topices were downloaded by our librarians and distributed to the students.

Our Year 11 history course includes work on Germany before 1945. As part of this study, the students read many of the stories of survivors in <iearn.hgp> and used them as a reference in essays they wrote on the topic. They were particularly interested in the recounting of the stories of Jewish children who had been sent to England. They were unaware that this had happened.

Even though we have not taken an active part in the conference, we have found it to be an excellent resource for our students.

Virginia King
Bairnsdale Secondary College
Bairnsdale, Australia

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