[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

The Dove

By Ben Wigler
Grade 8
Mrs. Nicklas' Class

A small bird flees from the portal of the wise man's boat. His mission is clear: to see what is left of a world of hate. Upon the wind, he soars above a flooded world. The wind beneath his perfect wings, he flies without a care in the world. He is free. The dove sees something else he likes. The object of his desire: a small blade of grass. Snatching the plant in his mouth, the bird returns to his former home. He crawls into his little nest aboard places the grass in his nest. He cuddles up with his mate and little eggs.

Something is happening. The bird wakes up. What is this? The man, his trusted friend, is standing over him. The blade of grass is in his hand.

"What is this?" The man inquires.

The bird is silent. He looks up at the wise man, his beard long.

"WHAT IS THIS!?" The man repeats.

The bird chirps and dances for his friend. The man looks down on the creature: its head is strange, and his antics are annoying. The man looks at this chirping beast and feels the urge to crush it. Why did he ever take this infernal annoyance aboard his boat? And two? What purpose did they serve him?

"Did you steal this, bird?"

Cocking his head, the bird inquires silently. "Whatever do you mean, friend?"

The man responds by picking the beast in his palm, and bringing it over to a cage, away from its warm nest and mate. Away from the small eggs that he loved so much. The man locks the cage and leaves.

"Don't think about getting it out, bird."

The bird pecks at his cage, making his mouth bleed around the edges. His now, brown feathers are torn. He can just see his mate chirping. What horror has befallen him? The bird closes his eyes and dies in his cage.

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