[ An End to Intolerance (Volume 5 -- June 1997) ]

Benefactors, Patrons,
and Supporters

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to An End to Intolerance and the Holocaust/Genocide Project:


Jewish Charities Fund, Inc.
Leslie M. Pollack
The Iris and Andrew Morse Foundation
Oran, Elsen and Lupert

Golden Patrons

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Block
Cathy and Charly Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Cohen
Cold Spring Harbor Citizens Faculty Association
The Novick Family
Neal and Terry Trabich


The Baskir Family
Vivian Blackman
The England Family
Debra and Arthur M. Sillman, Jr.
(In Memory of Fritz Schiebelhout)


The Barrese Family
Alice Bergida
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Erwin
Ingrid and Theo Frobin
Scott Goldstein
The Pufhal Family
The Santo Family
The Shohre Family
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sinowitz
The Smith Family
The Tydings Family

Special Thanks

Special Appreciation to: Michael Andrews; Joey Bergida; JoAnne Bradley; Sue Bruell; Vivian Cahn; Peter Copen and The Copen Family Fund; "Cold Spring Harbor Central School District wishes to give special recognition to Mrs. Shirley Mayer for her invaluable contribution in conceiving and originating Holocaust/Genocide studies"; Ceil Daher; David Dickerson; Laura Dordon; David Egan; Nili Eldar; Kathleen Fristensky; Russell Fradin; Betsy Frederick; Susan Frey; Rabbi and Mrs. Marc Gellman; Jeff Golub; Thomas Hall; Monsignor Thomas Hartman; David Klevan; Eran Lahav; Debbie Levesque; Mike Loughrey; Di Mc Whirter; Liz Nicklas; The Official Press; Jim Pryal; Julie Rosenoff; Ruth Sender; Kathy Skidmore; Steven Spielberg; Ann Scolnick; David Taylor; Terry Toll; Ray Walters; and, Elie Wiesel.

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