Terrible Things by Eve Bunting

By Jen Diefendorf
Grade 10

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Terrible Things. Eve Bunting.
(New York: The Jewish Publication Society, 1993.) 28 pages.

Terrible Things, by Eve Bunting, is an allegory of the Holocaust, where animals represent the Jews and others who suffered throughout the Holocaust. It is a wonderful children's book that explains how it is important to stand up for what one believes. Eve Bunting, using animals in the forest as characters, tells children to stick together and fight for what is right, no matter how horrifying the situation may seem. The book also teaches children not to be prejudiced towards other people. Terrible Things is an excellent book to use to teach about the Holocaust. It is easy for children to understand and relate to, while sending them an important message. The story is interesting and the pictures are adorable. It's a very touching book that even adults would enjoy.

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