Remember It Forever

By Vadim Bogomolny
Moscow School #459

When Poland fell behind Germany,
When the White Eagle was dropped down,
Then Jews were all picked up and joined
In the Warsaw Ghetto.

There was a teacher, a Polish teacher,
He was always with Jewish children,
He taught them; he spent time in the ghetto.
It wasn't easy to live in one.

He told them stories, many stories,
A lot of them are now lost.
About kingdoms, castles, princesses,
About Matiush the First.

He is a king; he fights in Korczak story
For children's rights, for children's freedom.
A book about it was written
With a happy ending in the children's kingdom.

But ghetto life is not so happy:
It is illness, famine, Nazi evil.
They do not choose who is left.
They want to kill all Jewish people.

One day an order came to Poland
To kill each one of the ghetto's Jews.
It was like a nightmare, so cruel,
But they weren't sleeping, that was true.

A car with a red cross came to the ghetto,
With their teacher, children were taken to the square,
It was not a warm day in Warsaw.
The death was hidden in the air.

And Nazi soldiers told this group
To get inside the scary car,
"Where are we going?" -- asked one child.
The teacher said: "It's very far."

"Hey, mister" -- said a soldier to him.
"You are not a Jew, and you can stay! "
"No, thank you" -- answered the Polish teacher --
"I'll go with my children this way."

The Nazi soldier stood behind him
And saluted near the inside flame.
"Vivat" -- he said -- "to Janusz Korczak!"
It's saved in ages. It's a hero's name!

[ Korczak Statue ]
Statue of Janusz Korczak and
His Children (Warsaw, Poland)

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