HGP on the World Wide Web

By David Dickerson
Holocaust/Genocide Project

In the fall of 1994, the Holocaust/Genocide Project installed a Gopher server at the following URL:

<gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:7009/1>  [ Retired ]

In 1995, I*EARN's international secretariat in the United States created a set of home pages of the Holocaust/Genocide Project at the following URL:


[ Spinning Globe ]

In addition to providing basic information about the HGP, the Holocaust/Genocide Project home pages offer the following resources:

I*EARN encourages you to visit the HGP home pages. We welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can make the site as useful as possible to students and teachers who are participating in the HGP; we also want to provide a resource to the Internet community at large.

Please feel free to direct your comments to iEARN, or to David Dickerson, the "webweaver" for these WWW pages.

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