My Grandmother's Story

By Dalia Levine
Cold Spring Harbor High School
New York

At just the age of nineteen,
My grandmother, still a young girl,
Was forced to flee from her home and family in search of a
new life were she would be free from the
atrocities which plagued her in Poland.
On her journey, she endured many hardships and horrors;
Sometimes there was not enough water to drink or food to
eat. But she continued on her journey to find a new life,
Leaving all her past behind.

Finally, after enduring much hardship she reached Israel.
And, there the hardships were not over,
For she had to work laboriously to provide for her family,
and make sure that they would be able to survive until the next day.
It was not an easy life,
My grandmother's weary eyes can attest to this.

I believe it was a miracle that she survived,
For all that she left behind,
Is now mixed in with the dirt,
And all that is alive are the memories which she has passed down.

When I look into her eyes, I see the sorrow which is imbedded in her heart,
And I am constantly reminded of the past --
Let it not repeat itself!

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