A Letter from the Editors

Staff of 'An End to Intolerance'

Dear Readers,

Thank you for supporting us in our effort to educate students, teachers and ourselves about the Holocaust and other genocides. All of us involved in the Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP) feel strongly that awareness of the existence of hatred is vital to put an end to, and prevent, further instances of genocide in our global society.

With the aid of I*EARN (the International Education and Resource Network), students, using computers and modems, now have the capability to telecommunicate with other students throughout the world to exchange viewpoints and to learn about each other's culture. The HGP teleconference <iearn.hgp> has broken down all barriers of communication and has allowed us to discuss, study, and plan with students all over the globe. Students from many countries have contributed to our annual magazine this year. The magazine belongs to all of us. This is what makes An End to Intolerance so unique.

The articles in this year's edition of An End to Intolerance have been written by dedicated students from Australia, Cambodia, Israel, Lithuania, Russia, Argentina, Germany, South Africa and the United States. We would like to take this time to thank, personally, the writers, editors, facilitators, artists, advisors, e-mail correspondents, teachers and funders who helped in the creation of another great issue. The theme for our magazine this year is "Education: Learning Not to Hate," and many of the articles are good resources for teachers and students to use in their classrooms.

The Holocaust was a point in time when the very darkest side of mankind was expressed. Today, genocide continues to plague us. More people must be made aware of this so that we treat each other with dignity and respect, not hate and prejudice. Our hope is that this magazine will help other students and teachers participate in our project, and that they help us find remedies for hate and genocide, because education is the only antidote for an unhealthy world.

Zachary Kostura and Brooke Estren, Co-Editors
Cold Spring Harbor High School
82 Turkey Lane
Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724, USA

Letter from the President Clinton
Letter from President Clinton

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