An End to Intolerance

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Volume 4 -- June 1996

Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York (United States)
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 * About the Cover

 * Staff of the 1996 Issue of An End to Intolerance

 * Contributing Schools

 * Individual Contributors to An End to Intolerance

 * Benefactors, Patrons, and Supporters


 * A Letter from the Editors

 * Learning Not to Hate: A Zuni School Succeeds

What's New for 1996

 * HGP on the World Wide Web

 * HGP Presented at NCTE Conference

 * Virtual Art Gallery Opens

Survivors Speak

 * Students Volunteer for Steven Spielberg Project

 * Survivors "Reach and Teach" On-line

Human Rights and Genocide

 * Bosnia Tragedy Calls for Action

 * Cambodian Genocide Creates Puzzle

 * Plight of Aboriginal Culture is Studied

 * Apartheid Declines

Global Education

 * Russians Discuss Holocaust Studies On-line

 * Israelis Remember the Holocaust

 * Australians Recommend a Memoir

 * In Lithuania, Jewish Education Resurges

 * Museum Educators Provide Resources

 * Hate Groups Publish WWW Sites on the Internet

 * Beware of Hate Groups in the USA

 * Students Take Poll and Action

 * Israelis Link "A New German Nation"

 * German Students Research Lives in Bottrop

Poland and Israel

 * Study Mission is Memorable for All

Resources Worth Noting

 * Maus -- by Art Spigelman

 * Silent Sun -- by Solomon Gross

 * The Number on My Grandfather's Arm -- David Adler

 * Terrible Things -- Eve Bunting

Student Feedback

 * Our Circle Grows

Creative Expressions

 * Remember It Forever -- by Vadim Bogomolny

 * Eternal Hope -- by Natalia Quirk

 * My Grandmother's Story -- Dalia Levine

 * One Turned Head -- Jill Caly

 * You -- Kim Hill

 * Untitled -- Michelle Dooley

 * In Memory of Those Who Have Perished... -- Amanda Kaufman

I*EARN's Holocaust Study Conference

 * Holocaust/Genocide Project Teleconference Index (1995-06)

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