Student-generated Questions for
Interviewing a Holocaust Survivor

Compiled by Sandy Goldberg

  1. What was life like before the Holocaust?

  2. Did you experience or know of discrimination of any kind prior to the Holocaust?

  3. What was the first thing that happened to you as a result of government repression?

  4. How quickly did the German takeover come?

  5. What were your earliest memories of the Holocaust?

  6. Did anyone protect you or your family during the Holocaust?

  7. Did you feel you were betrayed by any friend or family member at any time?

  8. Were you in a concentration camp, and if so, for how long, and did you know people in camps other than Jews?

  9. What kinds of punishment or humiliations did you experience or witness in your town, a ghetto, or the concentration camp?

  10. What was the saddest day you can remember?

  11. What motivated you to keep on going during the Holocaust, and did you ever give up hope?

  12. Whom do you feel is most responsible for the Holocaust?

  13. Do you think the world's leaders tried to stop the Holocaust or do you think they were apathetic?

  14. Have your beliefs in God been influenced by your experiences?

  15. What have the effects of the Holocaust had on your present outlook on the world leaders and its people?

  16. How are you, as a survivor, dealing with the "deniers" of today?

  17. How do you feel about German people today?

  18. Have you ever returned to your birthplace or home, or would you want or need to?

  19. Would you ever consider going back to the camp sites?

  20. How are you able to go on with your life with your memory of the Holocaust?

  21. How can education about the Holocaust be improved, and how do you think the event should be most accurately told?

  22. What have you done to communicate your experience to young people who have not been affected by the Holocaust, and what is your message for future generations?

  23. What are the most important things we can do to prevent another Holocaust?

  24. Have you seen examples of Holocaust education using computers? Do you think students studying the Holocaust, while using computers and modems, is an effective vehicle to spread information about the Holocaust?

  25. What was your goal in writing your book(s), and do you have recommendations about other books we should read about the Holocaust?

  26. How were you and your family personally affected by the Holocaust?

  27. Have you visited any Holocaust museum sites or do you plan to?

  28. Do you belong to a support group? How has it helped?

  29. Have you seen Schindler's List, and what did you think of it?

  30. What books about the Holocaust would you recommend that young people read?

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