Student Poetry

For Juliek and his Beethoven's Violin Concerto:
Song of Hope

Play me a song on your strings of harmony.
Tell me a story through your violin of life.
Bring me the love and laughter,
We have all forgotten.
Show me that there is life among us.
Sing your freedom outloud.
Do not show me despair for it is all too common.
Hand us hope through your soul.
Music fills the air; the silence is broken.
It mends us for a time with each note.
Tell us that life is more than this.
Glory is shouted, not whispered.
Give us a chance to remember what we had.
Give us a chance to know we shall have it again.
All we need is harmony, which you gave us this night.
You will give us hope; you have shown us freedom.

By Jeanine Minge


Why are people different
if all it brings is sadness?
Why are people different
if they aren't treated the same?
Why does being different
only bring you tears?
Why does being different
only bring you torment?
Why are those who are different
not treated with respect?
Why are those who are different
not allowed to be?
Why should difference
only bring pain and suffering?
Why should difference
make you wish you were someone else?
If being different
only brings punishment,
why aren't we all the same.

By Pooja Badlani

Playing Hide and Seek with the Sun

In the time before
We laughed and danced in the
Quiet yellows of the morning sun
Basking in our youth
Life lay aheadlike some
Great basket of fruit
Sweet juices and flavores waiting to be tasted
We dreamt fo rainbows and fairies
Played hide and seek
Learned how to kiss
Learned how to laugh
Or maybe cry
But they were good tears
Like fragile droplets of moonbeam
Innocent and naive

Cold grey clouds heralded
The comming of the Bad Ones
With their harsh barking
Voices commanding
People shaped into
Strict geometric lines
Confusion reigned in
The Bad Ones broke the houses
Broke the puzszles and games
Tore up our drawings
Devoured our childhood like
Depraved beasts
Stripping us of our past
We became like undead
Filed into dusty cabinets
Given numbers
Stripped of even our names
We piled into the trains
Hurried away under the dark sky
Their evil crimes hidden even from the sun
Or did the sun hide form the crime?
Behind thick rainclouds, did it look away from its children?

One day we saw rainbows again
One day we knew freedom
But at an unspeakable price.
Indeed, unspeakable
For how soon some chose to forget?
Never forget this
So that people should not be walking dead again
Never forget

By BC Nelson

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