HGP Presented at Tel-Ed Conference

By Julie Rosenoff
Spokane Valley High School, Washington

Honey Kern and Julie Rosenoff presented the I*EARN Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP) at the Third International Symposium on Telecommunications in Education in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in November. Their presentation started with a few minutes of video which Julie Rosenoff produced, showing scenes from the first Israel-Poland Study Mission (Spring, 1993), and ended with an introduction to the new HGP Gopher.

The majority of the multi-media presentation explained how the project has expanded since it began in early 1992 at Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York as an e-mail interchange between students there and students at the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Israel. As an I*EARN teleconference, the Holocaust/Genocide Project has grown each year to include students and teachers from California, New Mexico, New York, Washington State, Wisconsin, Australia, Argentina, Romania, Israel, Russia, and Germany.

Discussion topics on the teleconference iearn.hgp have ranged from books, movies, current events, personal opinions, to historical information. The project's year-end global, student publication was revealed to show how it grew from a newsletter to a very impressive magazine entitled, An End To Intolerance.

A highlight of the presentation in Albuquerque was a LumaPhone call (videophone) to Joey Bergida, co-student facilitator of the HGP in New York. The audience could see and hear her and was impressed with how she described her involvement with HGP. They were able to ask Joey questions.

[ Gopher's Face ]HGP Facilitator Honey Kern and project mentor Gideon Goldstein's demonstration of the Holocaust/Genocide Project's Gopher was very exciting to the audience as Tel-Ed conference participants could readily see how they could use this vast on-line bibliography and resource. The bibliography was started during HGP's second year and has expanded so rapidly that it was necessary to create a special Gopher to organize it for easy browsing and accessing. The HGP Gopher is continually evolving (in large part due to volunteer teachers and network volunteers like David Dickerson from IGC). All material on the HGP Gopher is available to all Internet users. All-in-all, the presentation at Tel-Ed was very successful.

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